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  • How do I get started?

We understand you live a busy life, which is why we strive to accommodate your needs. We come to you for your consultation where we go over your pup's routine, walk you through the app and book our first walk together. During our consultation, we go over any behaviors, commands or quirks you'd like us to know about your pup. We never walk a dog we haven't met and think it's imperative to put a face to the team who's entering your home!

  • What does the consultation look like?

Prior to our consultation we send a link to the app we use, Time to Pet. This activation code establishes your account and houses all pertinent information for you and your pup. After walking (pun intended) through your pup's routine we go through Time to Pet to show its features and answer any additional questions you may have. 

  • What does my walk include?

We use a timer within our app to make sure that your pet receives consistent walks.  We provide basic medication administration, feeding, towel drying and other specific instructions at no extra cost, however we do factor those tasks into the duration of your visit.    Please note that we do not administer any medications without clear and legible instructions provided in the notes box of your booking, or a written note left in clear view at your home.


  • Do you clean up accidents?

Yes, we do!   We clean up any accidents that are within reason with cleaning supplies that you provide, however we simply do not have time to clean large messes while also providing a quality walk during most services.  In the event of a large mess, we will place newspaper or rags over the mess to prevent it from spreading.   With any accident, we recommend that you disinfect the affected area when you return home.  The specific location of the accident will be noted in the Pupdate Report for your consideration.


  • What do I need to provide?

We ask that you provide a fixed-length leash (non-retractable), a secure harness or collar, and at least two waste bags for each dog.  We always carry bags and a leash as a backup.  If you have multiple dogs, we will have to divide your time up and walk each dog one at a time when using our backup leash.


If your pet uses a crate, please provide a backup latch such as a common carabineer clip to eliminate any possibility of escape.


  • Can you help with crate, potty, and other training?

Yes absolutely, this is what we are here for!  We will work with you to use consistent cues and patterns so that your puppy has a seamless learning experience.    During our initial consultation we will discuss your preferred methods so that we can carry them over.  If you would like to establish a training routine we can help with that as well.  

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