What's included?

  • Time-stamped, GPS routed report

  • Updates about what "business" your pup did

  • Real-time messaging with any of our staff

  • Feeding / medication if requested

  • Photos! (Of course)

For the Check-in

Take a jaunt around the block, or indulge in a backyard playtime session.  

Ideal for low maintenance / senior dogs, or as a checkpoint during your puppy's potty training phase. 

The Ideal Block Walk

Upgrade to a Pupstop 20 for a good walk plus time allotted for lunch, medication or other special instructions.

This service is great for dogs who require less exercise, but still appreciate some extra attention.

Our Most Popular!

Our most popular walk! The perfect amount of time for your pup to get in all their smells. Serves as the ideal midday walk. 

Perfect for the Adolescent Dog

Have a high energy, adolescent pup? Our 45-minute service is perfect for them.

Calling All Hunting Breeds!

Have a hunting breed? Or a pup with as much energy as a hunting breed? Our 60- minute service can get all their ya-yas, ball chasing and sniffing out. 

Ask Us About Our Price Breaks

Contact us today to find out about our frequency discounts!


Consultations available weekdays from 5-7PM, Weekends from 11AM-2PM

$2 for each additional dog, $25 for overnights.

After hours and holiday rates may apply.

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