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Did you know dog have 300 million smell receptors compared to our measly five? To us, a rose is still a rose, but dogs get a much richer story. Dogs see through their noses which is why walks are a one of the best ways to provide enrichment and stimulation.  We want what's best for your best friend, which is why our service takes a custom tailored approach, providing private, one-on-one adventures through your neighborhood. Have an energetic dog that needs to burn some calories? We've got you covered. Feeding and water refreshment? We've got that too. Extra love and some pets? Always. Rain or shine, you can count on us.


Each service includes a pupdate report with a photo, GPS tracked route of our walk, and time stamps so that you know exactly where and when your pup is walked.  You can expect reinforcement of healthy habits, safety check of your home, cleanup and a happy dog!


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