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 Frequently Asked Questions


Walk This Way Dogs mission is to maximize the quality of life for all animals, not just dogs! We donate to several animal welfare groups including The Tacoma Animal Shelter, Free WPZ Elephants, and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Walk This Way Dogs also participates in fundraising events to help shelter dogs find forever homes in addition to fostering dogs. 


1. How does it work?


So you're considering Walk This Way Dogs -- great! We offer a free consultation to discuss your preferred walking time slot, specific pet care needs, safety and to meet your Buddy!



2. Why should I use your dog walking service? 



Like us, each dog has his own unique personality and quirks. This is why I offer specialized, one on one service tailored just for him. Does your Buddy suffer with anxiety issues? Aggression or unpredictable behavior? Dietary Restrictions? Hospice care? I have dealt with all of these situations so whatever it is, I'm here to make him as comfortable as possible. Walking your Buddy means more to me than just a bathroom break. I want to bond with him, which is why I don't contract out walks or walk more than one at a time (unless requested for Yappy Hour).



As a trained professional with 5 years of experience I've had the opportunity to walk all types and sizes of dogs. My experience ranges from puppy training to hospice care. 



Having to log in and deal with third party scheduling is fussy, which is why you have my personal phone number to schedule your walk. 



Your dogs needs don't stop when the weather isn't ideal, and neither does my commitment. I walk in all weather conditions - rain, shine or snow.



3. What do you like most about your job? 


Although complex creatures, dogs love simple pleasures- and there's nothing more rewarding than seeing a dog playing fetch or exploring. For me, a walk represents a chance to nurture a relationship with your Buddy. I've always had a passion for animal welfare and dog walking is my small way of doing my part to maximize his quality of life.



4. Do you have insurance? 

Safety is key when it comes to you, your dog and your home. As the sole key holder I safely secure them when not in use. I am licensed, bonded and insured. I am also a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and am CPR certified through Pet Tech. 


5. How does payment work?


We gladly accept cash, check, as well as secure credit card payment.

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